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Event Over

Hey guys just to tell you that the event is over. Any scary things that might have been chasing your characters will disappear. Aditionally the park's gates will open and everyone will be able to leave. When someone goes back there it'll be just your usual fun theme park, not a vestige of the previous gore left.

Event Extension

Hey guys. Just to tell you that this event will be extended to Sunday since people don't have much time during the week.


Third Event

Hey guys! The event you've been waiting for is finally ready~ This time we joined two ideas: some people wanted a theme park in Celesia so that will be our event. Ah but this theme park isn't like any you have ever seen >D

This event will last from Monday 15th to Thursday 18th.

The park will seem pretty harmless from the outside but as soon as you step inside the gates it's your Death Sentence People will be able to enter but no one will be able to leave. Your character will be trapped inside for 1 to 4 nights (nights because it's always night inside the Theme Park), to the player's choice. But the characters can't just sit around waiting for the time they'll be able to leave. Oh no, the park doesn't allow that. After all, if you entered it means you wanted to have fun, right? Oh don't worry, if you don't feel like it then the rampant park attendant will surely persuade you ;)

List of placesCollapse )

Okay this is it. There can be other places in the park, we just listed the main ones. Any questions? Feel free to ask them here~

Note: After the event the park will be your regular, non-creepy theme park. Promise :p

And the park is already in the city so feel free to have your character notice it. It will only open on the 15th though.

Second Event!

Hey everyone! It's time for the second event. Too bad there are some people on hiatus now. By the time they get back we can have another one~
This idea was suggested by Femme Fai mun. Many thanks to her.

And what's the event this time? Fairy tales. Your characters will become a character of a fairy tale. They will remain themselves physically (though some things can change like clothes and hairstyle for example) but they will start acting like a character from a given fairy tale. Now as for who your character will be come that's your call. Check out this Fairy Tale list and feel free to choose whichever you think suits your character best. Try to be original and not turn everyone into princesses, please. Variety is nice~

There will be breaks in this event, meaning that there will be times when your character will revert back to themselves and wonder what the hell is going on. Yes they will remember everything they have been doing while they're affected. You can also tone down the effects. For example, in Subaru's case he will be Sleeping Beauty. Because I don't want him to be asleep during the whole event (hey what fun would that be?) he will only fall asleep at random times (lol narcolepsy FTW)

This event will last from Monday the 18th to Monday the 25th. At anytime you want.

Well I think that covers everything. Please reply here who your character will become and from what fairy tale. Just so everyone can be informed. Got a question? Post it here as well~

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First Event!

Hey everyone! Hope you're having fun so far~

I bring you the first event in Celesia! \o/

Info hereCollapse )

So, this is it for the first event. Nothing too special so let's try to make the best of it~ The event can start once it's Wednesday in your timezone, we don't follow any set time. It can also end on Sunday, whenever you want it to.

Any questions/opinions? Just comment in this entry ^^


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